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"Indianapolis - The Circle City" and "The Great Smoky Mountains - A Visual Journey" are published with IU Press / Quarry Books. "Indianapolis - The Circle City" and "The Great Smoky Mountains - A Visual Journey" are available for purchase. These books are available in Barnes and Noble, Target, Amazon, iTunes, the IU Press website and various other outlets. "Indiana - Across The Land" is scheduled for release in fall of 2017. Pre-order is available now.

Currently in production is "Illinois - Across The land", "Illnois State Parks", "Starved Rock State Park" and "Kentucky - Across The Land". Release dates have not yet been confirmed for these titles.


* 2017 Gold Medal IPPY Award Winner - "The Great Smoky Mountains - A Visual Journey"

“The book will inspire with joy and reverence, a greater love of Indianapolis.”— Senator Dick Lugar ("Indianapolis - The Circle City")

"For anyone who loves Indianapolis, this is truly a book to treasure! All of your favorite Indianapolis landmarks are here including The Children’s Museum, the State Fair, and the City Market. Mandrell’s photos make even familiar scenes feel unique and interesting due to creative perspectives and the use of different seasons and lighting conditions. Indianapolis shines like never before in this book!" - Matt Williams, author of Indiana State Parks: A Centennial Celebration

"As you turn each page, feasting your eyes on this photographic treasure trove, you will be lured to follow in the footsteps of photographers Lee Mandrell and DeeDee Niederhouse-Mandrell. Take in the beauty of the Smokies, as you encounter streams, waterfalls, and forests as well as black bears and other wildlife. The Mandrells use their photographic gifts to record the beauty as God’s ever-changing light transforms each scene before them. This book has been a true labor of love!" - Gary Moore, author of Brown County Mornings (The Great Smoky Mountains - A Visual Journey)

"With their timely and exquisite photography the Mandrells capture the seasons, sensations and moods of the national park level scenery that is the Great Smoky Mountains." - Johnny Molloy, author of Top Trails: Great Smoky Mountains National Park

"Indiana Across the Land is a delightful collection of photographs capturing the very best sights Indiana has to offer. Images of rural and wild scenes, weather worn structures, snow covered landscapes, and colorful caverns display the state’s hidden gems in an incomparable and artistic fashion, covering all the seasons while showcasing creative photographic techniques." —Nathan Strange, author of A Guide to the Knobstone Trail

"I have seen Lee Mandrell's work. He is very talented, great eye and beautiful photos. Can't wait to see the book..."

- Janet Smeltzer


"Indianapolis - The Circle City"   Now available for purchase from Indiana University Press

"Indianapolis - The Circle City"   Now available for purchase from Amazon

• "The Great Smoky Mountains"   Now available from Indiana University Press

• "The Great Smoky Mountains"   Now available from Amazon

• "Indiana Across The Land"   Now available for pre-order from Indiana University Press

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Self Published

The books shown below are self published and are available for purchase from Blurb.com. Click on a corresponding link below, and you will be taken right to the Blurb bookstore. Pricing and ordering are handled there. It takes about a week to receive your book once the order is placed.

• "Indiana Exposed " is 200 pages of landscape photography spanning the last 30 years, and as the name implies, all the photography is from and around Indiana. Think Indiana is all flat and all corn? Think again. Indiana is very diverse in terrain ranging from sand dunes, hills, valleys, jagged cliffs, rivers, beach fronts, cypress swamps, and everything in between! Indiana is far from boring. This book will take you places you probably didn't know existed in Indiana!

• "Monochrome Indiana " is photography in its' purest form. This book is geared towards B/W enthusiasts and includes a good amount of infrared photography as well. All shots are again from around Indiana with its' many diverse landscapes. There is sure to be something for everyone in this 80 page ensemble from the great state of Indiana!

• "Kiss Breaks " is a collection of original poetry written from the heart.

Choose from your choice of paperback or hardback, dust cover, printed cover and even your choice of papers! Full book previews are available on the Blurb page, allowing you to decide if these books are right for you! There is no obligation to look, so feel free to check them out today.

Want a book, but would rather buy it through Leman's Studios rather than Blurb? Not a problem! Just Email  me which one you would like and payment arrangements can be be made at that time. Books are 'print on demand' so it takes roughly a week to get the finished product. If you would like it signed, this is the ideal time to ask!

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If you are someone who thinks Indiana is flat and all corn, think again! This is a portfolio style book showcasing some of the many diverse landscapes Indiana has to offer. 430 images grace the 200 pages of this beautifully crafted book. "Indiana Exposed" is sure to appeal to photographers and non photographers of all skill levels and all ages. Take your own journey through the "Crossroads of America" simply by turning the pages of this book!

Indiana Exposed By Lee M. Mandrell
  • Click on the link below to go to the Blurb bookstore...

"Monochrome Indiana" is 80 pages and hundreds of images of Indiana's natural beauty. It's Indiana in it's purest form. Be sure to check it out! You can also check out the entire book before you buy it! Drop me a line and let me know what you think!

Monochrome Indiana by Lee M. Mandrell
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"Kiss Breaks" is a collection of thoughts and poems written from the heart. Be sure to give it a read!

Kiss Breaks by Lee M. Mandrell


"Indiana Seasons" and "The Great Smoky Mountains" 2016 calendars are now available from Tide-Mark Press. The links below will take you to the Tide-mark Press site or Amazon for purchase. "Wild and Scenic Indiana" and "Wild and Scenic North Carolina" are available from Brown Trout Publishers. The links below will take you to the Brown Trout site or to Amazon for purchase.
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