What's In A Name?

The Evolution Of Leman's Studios

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I am asked quite often, how did you come up with the name ‘Leman’s Studios’ and what exactly does it stand for? Leman’s (pronounced just like the racing circuit) is simply a mash up of my name. In design class while I was in school, we were taught that creativity in a name should take precedence over using ones name followed by their trade. This was viewed simply as lacking imagination and as designers we should avoid taking the lazy way out. Actually, it wasn’t worded quite this nicely but I did get the point the instructor was making. This lesson has always stuck with me and I have strived to never take the easy way out in any situation. Fast forward to quite a few years later and at the urging of a couple of people, I decided it was time to finally put together a website and share my life’s passions with anyone willing to view it. That happened almost ten years ago. I extensively researched if this name was in use anywhere. I was lucky enough to discover that it wasn't. Great!


I knew I wanted to show more than my photography so I opted to follow “Leman’s” with “Studios”. Even though photography has been a major part of my life and career, I am so much more than just a photographer and I felt that the word ‘photography’ in my name would be too limiting to all of the things I create and will ever create. I feel that using the word ’studios’ gives me the freedom of expression for sharing my visions, photography, art, woodworking, sketches, custom fishing rods, digital composites, knife making, wood carving, glass etching, sculpting, neon bending, matting and framing, and the various things I have made or assembled over the years, or anything I want to show for that matter. It’s a long list to say the least and to not show it all does not enlighten anyone to all that I do. In showing all of my interests and passions people get an overall sense of the artisan qualities and not just the singularity that is photography. Some of my hobbies and craft interests have came and went of course, but are still there because they represent a period of time in my artistic evolution. I’m very open to experimenting with new ideas and techniques. I still have crafts I would like to try but restrain myself because of time constraints. I can only take on so many projects at a time, but the curiosity is always there.


As my reputation started growing as a serious photographer, I totally hid all of these other galleries for a very long time. I did not want potential ‘photo interested only’ clients to be confused at what they were seeing when they reached my website. In the nearly ten years that have now passed, I have since tweaked and created and organized my web presence into the website you see today. It showcases much of what I do and embodies nearly a lifetime of experiences and work. It’s a labor of love that knows no ends and is continually growing and changing. I have also recently expanded the creative section to include an “Arts and Crafts” gallery. In this gallery I show visitors not only my work but my wife’s work, kids, grandkids and family members. I will go on to say that it’s amazing to be married to someone that is also always creating all of the time. I believe that we inspire one another and we are always bouncing around ideas. We lift each other up for sure. DeeDee makes custom stained glass pieces and custom hand made jewelry. Be sure to look at the stained glass guitar she made as a present for her son. It’s truly a work of art and craftswomanship! It is shown in progression from start to finish. There are links in some of the photos to her Etsy store for those interested in seeing more of her jewelry than what I have posted.

No Accident

Leman’s Studios wasn’t accidental by any stretch and I believe it has now come or is coming full circle. It was very deliberate and intentional even before I was consciously aware of it. Everything I am and do has been in motion my entire life. It has been years, a lifetime in fact, of trial and error, education, research, growing, learning and never knowing when to quit or what my limits really are. It is an expression of individuality, vision and multiple hobbies and interests. It’s an ongoing educational process in which I am still learning and trying new things every day and every chance I get. I am just wired this way and learned to accept this fact years ago. The trial and error never ends and it never will.

"Spring Gold"
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