Some of the works here are offered for sale as reproduction canvas "Giclees" (pronounced "zee"-"clay") in 2 sizes only, and as you will find, some are not. I paint some "work book - dvd work shop" paintings and because of this, those pieces cannot be considered originals. It would not be fair to those artists or ethical for me to sell those for this reason. My originals will never be offered for sale.

Artwork is done purely for myself and out of a deep passion for it. I literally have almost every single piece I have ever drawn or painted. Everything I draw or paint has meaning to me in some way or was inspirational at some level or taken on simply for the challenge of it. I admire and respect many artists and I thank them all! I enjoy the total freedom to paint or draw what I want, when I want, and with whatever medium I choose. Art and the creation of is very freeing.

Feel free to look, and by all means, send me an email! It's the only way I know you were here. ; )

"Deep Divin'"
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