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Indiana Rocks! A Guide to Geologic Sites in the Hoosier State

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This is scheduled for release in fall of 2018

A Story of oceans, uplift, and ice, Indiana's geological history is reflected in the vistas and landscapes you will see as you travel through the state. From the Indiana Dunes of Lake Michigan, one of the world's largest displays of lakeshore dunes, to the historic little town of New Harmony, where American geology had its beginnings, this book is your guide to 50 of the most significant and interesting sites in Indiana. You will find kettle lakes formed by melting glaciers, gorgeous waterfalls carved into the rock, and a world-renowned karst landscape peppered with sinkholes and caves. Explore the Falls of the Ohio, the location of the largest exposed Devonian fossil beds in the world, or wander through the campus of Indiana University and tour the buildings and carvings of Salem Limestone, a building stone treasured by architects. Researched and written by Polly Sturgeon, the Outreach Coordinator of the Indiana Geological and Water Survey, with help from her colleagues, this book is a cross section of the Hoosier state and a treasure of geological and historical surprises.

"Indiana Rocks!"   Soon to be available for purchase from Indiana University Geologic and Water Survey

"Indiana Rocks!"   Soon to be available for purchase from Amazon

  • Anderson Falls
  • Clifty Falls State Park
  • Indiana Caverns
  • Indiana Caverns
  • Fall Creek Gorge
  • McCormick's Creek
  • Williamsport Falls
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