Working with a couple while they are on their journey towards the ultimate commitment is something I have always enjoyed. Whether for announcements, an image to be displayed at the wedding reception or an heirloom album, the engagement session is a wonderful opportunity for the photographer and couple to connect in an easy going setting to create striking images showcasing your love, free of a timeline or anxious guests.

Here are some things you may be wondering about an engagement session…

• Is it important to have an engagement session?

You decide. Getting together and committing your love and dedication to one another is a major chapter in your life story that deserves to be captured. The images that we make will be used in ways that you may not even realize initially… Facebook for old friends, extended family, announcements, invitations, guest sign-in album and most importantly, for the two of you, for life.

• Where should we have our engagement session?

A great place to start is some place that is significant in meaning to the two of you and your relationship together. If you’re drawing a blank or the genesis of your relationship is across the country, I am more than happy to throw out a number of conveniently located places that we can make beautiful images at.

• What happens on an engagement session?

We head to a place with some visual interest or personal significance like say for instance your favorite romantic location. I evaluate the light and location then you and your soul mate get to be who you are. Meaning, be you, be in love and the awesome just happens. There is no saying of cheese, I promise. :)

• How long will our engagement session be?

We stop when you and the love of your life stop bringing the heat. Still doesn’t answer your question? Ok. Sessions usually last between an hour or two. This is also a good time for us to get better acquainted and even talk about your plans for the big day.

• How should we dress?

Wear the clothes that you feel your personal best in. Words that should inspire your clothing choices might be: Comfy, cool, sexy, chic, hot, and fun. Bring a series of outfits that let’s us start out casual, move to dressed up a bit (like for Easter brunch at your parents) and then dressed to kill with your night-out-on-the-town look. You can enhance each of these looks by modifying your hair, changing jewelry, transitioning your make-up from daytime to nighttime, etc.

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