Other Products

If you have something in mind that isn't listed here, by all means email me. There are many other products available that are not your average, every day product. My photos have been printed on various fabrics, wallpapers, aluminum and several other exotic substrates just to name a few. The options are almost endless and there is a good chance we can do or print to anything you have in mind. Just ask!

Want a book, but would rather buy it through Leman's Studios rather than Blurb? Not a problem! Just email me which one you would like and payment arrangements can be be made at that time. Books are 'print on demand' so it takes roughly a week to get the finished product. If you would like it signed, this is the ideal time to ask!

All images are color balanced on an Apple Cinema Display utilizing Datacolor's Spyder Pro 3 color calibration software, before being uploaded, guaranteeing the most accurate color quality that is available today.

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