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Your day is special! Leman's Studios helps you capture every moment and preserve your memories for a lifetime! While it is often said, "It's all about the bride", we believe it's just as much about the families involved. Weddings are the perfect opportunities to get photos of relatives who might not like their photo taken, or people you haven't seen in a while. We strive to make sure we have shots of everyone in attendance if only for memories sake. We are there from the beginning of the day until the end of the day. Your photos are double checked, burned onto a DVD(s), then handed off to you or a trusted friend or family member on a predetermined day, thus allowing you to print what you want, where you want and at a price you can afford! We charge for the photography only, not the prints. All photos are archived in the event a duplicate set of files are required in the future.

*Please note that there is a $35.00 charge for a duplicate set of files in the event your original files are lost.

Our style tends to lean heavily towards traditional wedding photography which includes portraits of the bridal party, family close-ups, and full length as well as candid photos that tell the story of the day, but with the main focus on the bride and groom. We have found that this is the style that suits most weddings. We also touch on photojournalism, illustrative and creative wedding photography techniques. A good blend of shooting styles captures a little something that appeals to most everyone.

"The Overlooked Importance of Wedding Photographers" is located on my blog page and gives a far more in-depth view of questions and answers you should ask any photographer concerning wedding photography. Be sure to look it over for valuable questions and a photographers insight into wedding photography, even if you decide to choose another photographer. Our main priority here is to help you in making the best decision for you and everyone involved in the big day.

• Weddings -$1500.00

This is complete coverage which includes the pre-ceremony, ceremony and the reception.

Email for availability and to book your date. *A non-refundable deposit is required in order to secure your session. Wedding photos have no limit on the number of shots taken. We keep shooting right up until it's our time to leave. We are often asked how many weddings we have photographed over the years. My answer is simply, "I stopped counting after 50". Be sure to check out our "Portraits, Weddings & Events" gallery to see if our style fits your particular taste.

• Engagement Photos - $150.00

*This drops to $100.00 when you book a wedding.

• Outdoor Portraits - $150.00

Outdoor portraiture is a nice compliment to any decor! Portraits in the park of children, loved ones, family and friends are sure to make for great gifts! Sessions generally last an hour or so and don't take away too much of your free time. Rates are affordable, so don't put off making memories today! Be sure to check out our

"Portraits, Weddings & Events" galleryto see if our style fits your particular taste.

*You can expect up to 10 photos for your engagement session. Outdoor Portraits average up to 12 shots per session.

• Events

If you have an event such as a party, reunion, charity, concert, company picnic, sporting event, or function, please email for availability and to book your date. These types of sessions are billed at an hourly rate and can be broken down in half hour increments. Price breaks occur after the first hour. All images are burned to a disc allowing you to do with as you wish, royalty free and no licensing rights to purchase. All photos are also archived should a duplicate set be required in the future. *Please note that there is a $35.00 charge for a duplicate set of files in the event your original files are lost.

• Hourly - $150.00 per hour.*A one hour minimum and deposit of the minimum purchase is required at the time of booking. There is no limit on the number of photos taken.

*Price breaks occur after the first hour, allowing you to book in half hour increments.

We also carry backup equipment in case of a malfunction or equipment failure. There is nothing more important to us than capturing your day in photos. These things happen, so rest assured we come prepared and will be able to keep shooting no matter the situation.

Any session booked includes disc copies of the photography. By allowing clients to get their own printing done when they want and where they want saves them money. However, Leman's Studios can handle all your printing needs if you so desire. Printing done through Leman's Studios is done with only 'Pro Photo Labs'. Pro grade archival papers are used, files are properly color balanced, burned and dodged so the utmost in a professional photo is what you will receive from us. Please see "Prints - Substrates - Help Ordering - Quality Assurance" near the bottom of the page for a more in-depth explanation of our professional printing techniques. Please note that the cost will be higher than your local place of printing as you are paying for professional quality prints.

Commercial Photography

Commercial photography includes (but not limited to) studio, product, architectural (Interiors and exteriors), corporate, travel, auto, real estate, location, catalog, photo's for web, etc, and is charged for at an hourly rate or a flat day rate depending on your needs. Please note that these rates are basic guidelines and are subject to change depending on any extra expenses that might be required for each project. In some cases your quote might actually be cheaper than the rates listed so it's always a good idea to email for an exact quote beforehand. For example, you may desire "Per Image" pricing rather than an hourly or day rate. Each project is unique and some (but not all) will have specific fees associated with it. All projects, end usage and any applicable license fees are discussed in depth, in advance and a quote will then be issued.

*Please note that travel, airfare, lodging, assistants and any applicable license fees are additional in cost from the flat rates listed below. The prices below reflect the actual photography and post processing. These additional prices will be addressed in your quote.

No work will begin until we have agreed on the quote, we are sure we understand your specific requirements and a deposit is received. All commercial work is then scheduled and shooting begins. Attention to detail and listening to you are things we take very seriously. Be sure to look over our many galleries to see what we are capable of and if our shooting style fits your particular vision and needs. Email us if there is something we can do for your project, we look forward to working with you.

• Hourly: $175.00

• Day: $1250.00

• Per Image: $ Email with Job Specifics for Pricing

• Deposit: 2 Hour Minimum

*A minimum deposit of a two hour purchase is required in most instances before any photography will begin, no exceptions. The above rates do not include travel, airfare, lodging, assistants and any applicable license fees in the event they are required. This will be quoted in the initial estimate when given. If budgeting restrictions are a concern, an alternative would be to find a shot in one of our galleries and purchase it as a stock photo. (See Stock Photography - Image Licensing).



Why take 100 'average' photos when you can take 100 'exceptional' ones? Leman's Studios has over 30 years experience in photography and is now offering personalized instruction to help you understand some of the finer points of photography. There really is no 'secret' to good photography, merely the applied usage of some simple techniques. The focus of a more private session is often a great way to advance your skills more quickly and improve your knowledge. This is an excellent way to get the most from your photography. There will be something to enjoy and learn whether you are a beginner or advanced.

Each session is designed around information received from a questionnaire and built from there. Every person is unique and will absorb material differently, so a custom session will be more beneficial to you in the long run. Whether you are looking to improve in landscape, macro, or basic photography, Leman's Studios can help bring you to the next level. Shooting usually takes place on Saturdays, and at an agreed upon location.

• 1 Participant - 1/2 Day - $200

• 1 Participant - Full Day - $350

• 2 Participants - $300 each per day

• 3 Participants - $265 each per day

(Currently within a 100 mile radius of Indianapolis, Indiana only)

Post Production - Electronic Media

Today's digital editing software is ever changing and growing in leaps and bounds. If you have never used an advanced editing program such as Photoshop, Lightroom, Elements, or even Gimp, it can be overwhelming and a struggle just to get started. If you want to get the most from your photos, it is now a necessity to learn some basic editing! Leman's Studios has over 20 years of experience of working in a traditional darkroom as well as digital ones. We cover topics that will be sure to teach you how to achieve creating a high quality master file ready for print. There are many, many ways to go about achieving things in Photoshop, but we teach people the basic, best way in an easy to follow repeatable manner. Once the foundation work is under your belt and you acquire self confidence, you will progress and learn on your own from this session forward. We work on both Mac's and PC's, and since most all programs are cross platform these days, there are no handicaps on any system you desire to use. A session will generally last all day.

• 1 Session - $350

Email for availability and to book your date. *A non-refundable deposit is required in order to secure your session.

Stock Photography - Image Licensing

All of the images contained in this website are available for image licensing. A basic one year minimum is required for purchase. Use the guide below to determine how the image will be used and then email for an exact cost. Please note that these rates are basic guidelines and are subject to change depending on the end usage required. In some cases, such as licenses for web usage, the price may actually be cheaper than what is listed below. A contract will be issued on the close of the agreement for your protection as well as Leman's Studios.

The type of license granted will generally fall under a specific category and will be priced based on the information provided to Leman's Studios. End usage, length of usage, file size and specific application are all used to determine final pricing. Prices are image license fees ONLY, and are exclusive of production costs.

• Non Exclusive -

1 Year - $150.00: Print Advertising • Magazines (Interior) • Flyers • Newsletters • Annual Reports • Website

1 Year - $250.00: Magazines (Cover) • Display Prints • Public Area Display • Office Area Display • Private Area Display

1 Year - $350.00: Television Use • Display Ad • Billboard Use • Other

• Exclusive -

1 Year - $450.00: Print Advertising • Magazines (Interior) • Flyers • Newsletters • Annual Reports • Website

1 Year - $750.00: Magazines (Cover) • Display Prints • Public Area Display • Office Area Display • Private Area Display

1 Year - $1100.00: Television Use • Display Ad • Billboard Use - Other

If all rights are desired, please email me so that we can discuss your needs and pricing specific for this type of usage.

Please note that if you purchase a license for a specific category, let's say web site usage for example, that license is only good for that particular end usage. Each license is only good for a specific contracted category and price. If you later decide you want to use it during the term of the contract in a magazine, ad, etc., you will need to purchase an additional license. A discount is always given in this case as it is considered a multiple purchase. If an image is used without the purchase of an additional license, it is in violation of the contract issued and considered copyright infringement.


My books are available for purchase from Click on the"Bookstore" link in the navigation bar, or a corresponding link below, and you will be taken right to the Blurb bookstore. Pricing and ordering are handled there. It takes about a week to receive your book once the order is placed.

"Indiana Exposed" is 200 pages of landscape photography spanning the last 30 years, and as the name implies, all the photography is from and around Indiana. Think Indiana is all flat and all corn? Think again. Indiana is very diverse in terrain ranging from sand dunes, hills, valleys, jagged cliffs, rivers, beach fronts, cypress swamps, and everything in between! Indiana is far from boring. This book will take you places you probably didn't know existed in Indiana!

"Monochrome Indiana" is photography in its' purest form. This book is geared towards B/W enthusiasts and includes a good amount of infrared photography as well. All shots are again from around Indiana with its' many diverse landscapes. There is sure to be something for everyone in this 80 page ensemble from the great state of Indiana!

"Kiss Breaks" is a collection of original poetry written from the heart.

Choose from your choice of paperback or hardback, dust cover, printed cover and even your choice of papers! Full book previews are available on the Blurb page, allowing you to decide if these books are right for you! There is no obligation to look, so feel free to check them out today.

Want a book, but would rather buy it through Leman's Studios rather than Blurb? Not a problem! Just email me which one you would like and payment arrangements can be be made at that time. Books are 'print on demand' so it takes roughly a week to get the finished product. If you would like it signed, this is the ideal time to ask!


Some of the works here are for sale as reproduction canvas "Giclees" in 2 sizes only, and as you will find, some are not. I paint some "work book - dvd work shop" paintings and because of this, those pieces cannot be considered originals. It would not be fair to those artists or ethical for me to sell those for this reason. My originals will never be offered for sale.

Artwork is done purely for myself and out of a deep passion for it. I literally have almost every single piece I have ever drawn or painted. Everything I draw or paint has meaning to me in some way or was inspirational at some level or taken on simply for the challenge of it. I admire and respect many artists and I thank them all! I enjoy the total freedom to paint or draw what I want, when I want, and with whatever medium I choose. Art and the creation of is very freeing.

Feel free to look, and by all means, send me an email! It's the only way I know you were here. ; )

Prints - Substrates - Help Ordering - Quality Assurance

Print Guarantee

All of my prints come with a happiness guarantee: If you are not satisfied with your print, I will re-print it or offer a refund. Simply send an email to me within 30 days of receiving your order.

Printing Facility:

All of Leman's Studios photos are printed by Bay Photo, one of the premiere print labs in the United States.*

Bay Photo, is renowned for their color accuracy, print quality and consistency. All of my prints are color corrected to match their printers for precise image color, clarity and sharpness and is included in the cost of the print.

Bay Photo, a professional photo lab located in Santa Cruz, California, has been catering to top pros since 1976. A true pro lab, Bay Photo professes:

• Their experts will fuss over each order, ensuring superb color and consistency from print to print.

• Most prints are carefully flat-packed — damage during shipment is almost unheard of. Any lustre, gloss or metallic prints with a side over 60 inches will ship in a tube. Metalprints over 30x45 are shipped in crates.

• Bay Photo carries more sizes and papers, including panoramic sizes and Giclée watercolor prints.

*Photo Extras: Get your prints beautifully finished with mats, frames, mountings and more, saving you a trip to the framers.

Need Help with an Order?

Read the following details if you're having trouble placing an order or have questions about an existing order:

Placing an order?

If you are having problems placing an order please try the following help pages:

Already placed your order?

To view an order you've already placed click the link in your order confirmation email and you'll be taken directly to your order.

Made a mistake? Was your order lost in the mail? Email me and I will get to the bottom of it!

Looking for someone?

If you still need help, feel free to contact me or my print partner:

Contact Leman's Studios

Contact My Print Partner, SmugMug

You Shop. We Ship.

My print partner, SmugMug, has teamed up with an amazing print lab, Bay Photo, to fulfill your orders. We have selected the printer for each gallery or gift item based on the products being printed and the printer's price point.

Bay Photo will use one of several shipping methods to ensure you get your goods when you want them. They vary from "I can wait a few days" to "I need it by Monday!".

Your available shipping options depend on what you're buying, how much you're buying and where you're shipping to. The good news is that we do all the figuring for you.

Get a shipping quote.

Add your items to the shopping cart. After you enter your address we'll give you shipping options and pricing for each, right down to the cent. You won't be charged until you click the "Place My Order" button at the end of the Shopping Cart.

Something went wrong!

No problem! Contact Leman's Studios and I will make it right!.

Prints - Paper Types

Are you interested in purchasing a print of my photographs? I offer a number of different paper types, sizes, mounting and framing options. Prints can be purchased by clicking on the "Buy Now" or the shopping cart icon above any of the photos. Prices vary by size and printing surface. With the exception of the MetalPrints and Wrapped Canvas, all prints will need to be matted and framed after purchase, unless matting and framing are chosen at the time of ordering. Merchandise such as cups, mouse pads, etc are also available in the shopping cart.


Lustre is the paper type I recommended most when people ask which paper to print on. Lustre has the color saturation of glossy paper but with the fingerprint resistance of matte. Lustre also does not have the glare that is associated with glossy paper. Lustre is a professional-grade paper, printed on Kodak Professional Endura paper and is materially 'thicker,' or heavier, than consumer paper.


With a glossy finish and unique metallic appearance, these prints have extra visual interest and depth. They are printed on long-lasting Kodak Professional Endura Metallic paper. When people ask what Metallic paper looks like I often compare it to micah found on rocks; others describe it as "chrome on paper." It produces striking, three-dimensional, lasting images with extreme sharpness, brightness, and color saturation. I recommend metallic paper for all of my black and white photos or any of my photos that contain water, rock.


MetalPrints are photos printed directly on a sheet of specially coated aluminum! MetalPrints are highly durable, waterproof, and ultra scratch-resistant. MetalPrints have vibrant colors and incredible detail. Each MetalPrint comes backed with a 3/4" thick foam block that makes these stunning prints appear to float off the wall. The beauty of MetalPrints is that they do not need to be framed; they are ready to hang on your wall as soon as you receive the print! I recommend this for anyone who does not want to deal with the hassle of matting and framing a photo.

Giclée Watercolor

Giclée Prints (pronounced "zee"-"clay") are made with high-quality archival inks on fine art papers using a high-resolution large format inkjet printer. The premium inks produce images with smooth tones and rich colors, making these prints ideal for extraordinary presentations. Prints are printed on a heavy, 310g paper with a subtle texture. This acid-free paper is 100% cotton fiber and is finished with a water-based protective spray. Due to the stunning colors and matte finish, your print will take on the look of a masterpiece painting.

Wrapped Canvas

Printed on heavy duty PremierArt Water Resistant Canvas, then finished with a dry lamination process that is UV and water resistant. The canvas is stretched and then wrapped over a 1 3/8" thick wooden frame. Your photo extends to cover the sides of the frame for a beautiful presentation. Wrapped Canvas prints are ready to hang on your wall.

Other Products

If you have something in mind that isn't listed here, by all means email me. There are many other products available that are not your average, every day product. The options are almost endless and there is a good chance we can do or print to anything you have in mind. Just ask!

Want a book, but would rather buy it through Leman's Studios rather than Blurb? Not a problem! Just email me which one you would like and payment arrangements can be be made at that time. Books are 'print on demand' so it takes roughly a week to get the finished product. If you would like it signed, this is the ideal time to ask!

All images are color balanced on an Apple Cinema Display utilizing Datacolor's Spyder Pro 3 color calibration software, before being uploaded, guaranteeing the most accurate color quality that is available today.

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