Photography Wedding Styles Defined

• Traditional photography includes portraits of bridal party and family - closeups and full length - and candid photographs that tell the story of the day. This is the style that suits most people and most weddings.

• Wedding Photojournalism means no posed photographs - all pictures would be taken without any instruction from or awareness of the photographer.

• Illustrative photography has drama, grand poses and majestic scenery. Every detail in the image is carefully arranged to produce a photograph with impact. Think of this style as what you would find in high - fashion photography, where even the candid photos are the results of precise posing and lighting.

• The Creative or Impressionistic photographer creates images with the unusual angle or juxtaposition. The photographer is creating his or her artistic impression of your wedding day. The goal is to produce a limited number of art prints from your wedding in a style that is unique to that photographer.

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