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Your day is special! Leman's Studios helps you capture every moment and preserve your memories for a lifetime! While it is often said, "It's all about the bride", I believe it's just as much about the families and friends involved. Weddings are the perfect opportunities to get photos of relatives who might not like their photo taken, or people you haven't seen in a while. I strive to make sure I have shots of everyone in attendance if only for memories sake. I am there from the beginning of the day until the end of the day. Your photos are double checked for quality, clarity, sharpness and color, the digital files are then uploaded into an online gallery, a link and password is then sent to you, allowing you to download all of your images and to print what you want, where you want and at a price that is right for you! I charge for the photography only, not the prints. All photos are archived in the event a duplicate set of files are required in the future.

My style tends to lean heavily towards traditional wedding photography which includes portraits of the bridal party, family close-ups, and full length as well as candid photos that tell the story of the day, but with the main focus on the bride and groom. I have found that this is the style that suits most people and most weddings. I also touch on photojournalism, illustrative and creative / impressionistic wedding photography techniques. A good blend of shooting styles captures a little something that appeals to most everyone and a good photographer never misses what works best for a particular shot, location or situation.

"The Overlooked Importance of Wedding Photographers" is located on my blog page and gives a far more in-depth view of questions and answers you should ask any photographer concerning wedding photography. Be sure to look it over for valuable questions and a photographers insight into wedding photography, even if you decide to choose another photographer. My main priority is to help you in making the best decision for you and everyone involved in the wedding.

• Weddings - $1250.00

This is complete coverage which includes the pre-ceremony, ceremony and the reception. I almost always attend the rehearsal the night before. This is optional and I do not charge for this. It helps us get to know each other a bit better beforehand, as well as lets me see who is going to be where, and the layout of the location. I can then make the best decision on where I need to be during the actual ceremony. This also allows me to meet the officiant and be made aware of any photography rules there may be. In my opinion, this helps to make the quality of the ceremony photos the best that they can be.

Email for availability and to book your date. *A one third non-refundable deposit is required in order to secure your session at the time of your booking. The balanace is due in full 30 days prior to your wedding day. Wedding photos have no limit on the number of shots taken. I keep shooting right up until it's my time to leave. There will be a $50.00 minimum travel charge if your location is more than 50 miles outside of Indianapolis. This will need to be discussed and quoted in advance. Please read my 'Wedding FAQ' page before emailing because it covers many of the questions that you may have.

I am often asked how many weddings I have photographed over the years. My answer is simply, "I stopped counting after 50". Be sure to check out my "Portraits, Weddings & Events" gallery to see examples of my work.

Wedding FAQ's

Photography Wedding Styles Defined

By allowing my clients to get their own printing done when they want and where they want, this saves them money. When booking with Leman's Studios you grant us the right to use any images taken for our portfolio, website, advertising or marketing efforts.

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