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Photography 101

Why take 100 'average' photos when you can take 100 'exceptional' ones? Leman's Studios has over 30 years of experience in photography and offers personalized instruction to help you understand some of the finer points of landscape photography. The goal of the workshop is to get you more confident with using your camera and getting you in the habit of no longer using automatic mode. Each workshop will provide you with information on the basics of a camera. As well, I will give pointers on composition, light, and how to get the "awesome" in your images. You will join me in a dramatic photo setting and see how I set up and photograph a shot. I will share with you my techniques, tips and even some of the secrets that I feel set my images apart from other landscape photographers. You will be setting up right beside me, allowing you to have a hands on experience with what you are learning. The focus of my more personal sessions are often a great way to advance your skills quicker and improve your knowledge. I feel we can see, photograph, and learn more in these scaled down or private workshops. This is an excellent way to get the most from a workshop with just you and an experienced photographer. I provide more help if we feel it's needed, or less if you desire, it's entirely up to you. Additionally, working in a small group or individually will allow for faster travel which is always a plus. There will be something to enjoy and learn whether you are a beginner or advanced. Please contact me to work out details in regards to location and what areas you are looking for help in.

Each person is unique and absorbs material differently, so a personalized session will be more beneficial to you in the long run. Participants range from just starting to advanced. Each individual will get care and attention based on their specific needs. In my workshops I really encourage people to have fun and enjoy the experience. My workshops are a relaxed environment. I don't want anyone to feel pressured or that I am going too fast. It is most beneficial to you (and others if in a group) if you have a basic understanding of how to operate your camera. This does not mean you need to know what the best settings will be for a given scene, that is what I will be there to help you with. What I mean is you will need to know how to change those settings (shutter speed, aperture, etc) on your specific brand of camera. There are so many cameras on the market today that even as an instructor it's hard to keep up with them and how they operate. Of course I will always do my best to help out no matter what the question is.

Feel free to contact me after the workshop to evaluate your progress since the workshop. I really want you to feel you took something away from this experience and I will follow up with you at some point after a workshop. I encourage participants to keep learning and seeking out new information on their own.

Email for availability and to book your date. *In order for me to hold your spot I require a 50% deposit. The remaining balance is due a minimum of 30 days prior to the workshop date. Refunds are only available if you cancel 30 days in advance of the workshop. If you cancel less than 30 days of the workshop date, then I will not be able to refund your deposit or full workshop payment. Unfortunately, I have had late cancels before and in order to ensure spots can be enjoyed by others I ask for the 30 day time frame to allow me time to try and fill a newly opened spot. Workshop payments and deposits are fully refundable if I need to cancel or move the workshop, or if I need to cancel for any other reason. I accept check, Visa or MasterCard for payment.

• 1 Participant - 1/2 Day - $100

• 1 Participant - Full Day - $150

• 2 Participants - $90 each per day

• 3 Participants - $75 each per day

• Discounts are available for booking multiple days.

• Currently within a 100 mile radius of Indianapolis, Indiana only. Shooting usually takes place on Saturday or Sunday.

* Essential Equipment for a Workshop

This is a tough choice. Each photographers list will vary a bit on this answer. Additionally, it really depends on the photo tour and workshop itself and what we are aiming towards. In general, I would say the minimum to get the most from the outing and overall experience is a DSLR Camera, tripod, remote trigger release, polarizer or neutral density filter, lens hoods, a cloth to wipe the lens, a wide angle lens and a zoom lens if available. This depends on your own personal style as well as your physical ability to travel with more or less gear.

* Physical Limitations and Health

My workshops and guided tours (Photowalks) are designed to appeal to a broad range of skill levels and abilities. However, each workshop or tour is held fully outdoors in the elements. There are certain risks associated with any strenuous outdoor activity. You and your personal physician must be the judge of your physical abilities and limitations. I accept no liability for any injuries or illnesses that occur during one of my workshops or tours. I make reasonable accommodations to pace the workshop or tour according to your abilities. At any point during a workshop or tour if you feel you can not continue, please let me know. I reserve the right to pause or stop a workshop or tour if I feel the participants are overexerting or endangering themselves. If you have any questions or concerns please address them in your email inquiry.

Post Production - Electronic Media

Today's digital editing software is ever changing and growing in leaps and bounds. If you have never used an advanced editing program such as Photoshop, Lightroom, Elements, or even Gimp, it can be overwhelming and a struggle just to get started. If you want to get the most from your photos, it is now a necessity to learn some basic editing! Leman's Studios has over 20 years of experience of working in a traditional darkroom as well as digital ones. We cover topics that will be sure to teach you how to achieve creating a high quality master file ready for print. There are many, many ways to go about achieving things in Photoshop, but we teach people the basic, best way in an easy to follow repeatable manner. Once the foundation work is under your belt and you acquire self confidence, you will progress and learn on your own from this session forward. We work on both Mac's and PC's, and since most all programs are cross platform these days, there are no handicaps on any system you desire to use. A session will generally last all day.

• 1 Session - $150

*I accept check, Visa or MasterCard for payment.


Photowalks are a great way to get a group of like minded people together to discuss and learn some things about photography. These are more for fun and being out. Asking questions in an open group is encouraged. My Photowalks are available to all skill levels.

DSLR's. Point and Shoot cameras, and even iPhone / Phone photographers are all welcome, no one is left out. This is a fun and social day to bring members of the photography community together, meet some new people and have a good time as well.

$20 per person

Email for availability and to book your date.

*I accept check, Visa or MasterCard for payment.

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